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Learn more about Exeros Technologies and discover our range of intuitive fleet safety solutions:

  • Blindspot minimisation with vehicle CCTV & 360 SkEye View

  • Incident Prevention with Assisted Driving Systems (ADAS) & Anti-Fatigue for fleets

  • Vulnerable Road-User Safety with Intelligent Cyclist Detection and Smart Mirrors

  • Automatic Passenger Counting Technology for optimal fleet usage.


Benefits of working with Exeros:

  • Proven cost benefits with up to 300% return on investment
  • Average reduction in fault claims of 60% with our CCTV solutions
  • Tried and tested installation method for bespoke installations on any vehicle type


Complete Fleet Safety Solutions

Vehicle CCTV

Bespoke installations of 1-16 cameras to eliminate blind spots, improve driver behaviour and deliver a return on investment of up to 300%

› Fleet Telematics and Tracking

Live tracking software and encryption-level evidence data on demand to mitigate false claims.

› Driver Assist systems (ADAS)

AI-driven system that scans the road ahead and warns the driver in advance of a potential hazard.

› Body-Worn Cameras

Wearable safety cameras to protect your field staff with a complete picture of events while on the job.

› 360o SkEye

A seamless, aerial perspective of the vehicle for all round visibility.

› FORS Compliance

All-in-one packages to meet FORS and CLOCS safety standards.

Customer Cases

“The system features gave us the ability to offer GPS tracking of the fleet along with remote dial-in to download camera footage in the event of a serious road traffic collision. In addition, we liked the drive of EXEROS to enhance the system with the new technology to aid drivers in the detection of hazards and people around their vehicles in urban environments.”

- Charlie Sandford, National Fleet Liaison Manager for Ready-Mix National Operations, CEMEX.

“With a single dash camera you don’t see the actions leading up to the incident. Now I can download footage remotely and quickly see who was at fault, saving costs and time in replacement vehicles, accident investigation and admin fees.”

- Dave Ashford (Director Transport & Compliance Manager) – KBC LOGISTICS

 “Having the proof to show insurers helps because you can’t argue with it. My drivers didn’t like it at first but now they feel more secure with it. I would recommend Exeros systems to any haulier!” 
-    Mark Luck, Director 


‘Initially a specific contract involving  pharmaceuticals demanded extra protection for high value loads. Exeros have a proven track record providing live video and tracking for fleet vehicles. My job is to analyse and manage Risk and the system we use from Exeros Technologies has the level of responsiveness we desperately needed.’ Ian Smith- Risk Analyst